Laughter is your 4-wheel drive vehicle to move you through the pain of human-ing.  And you don't have to go alone.  

(I'll bring snacks...)

"Extremely gifted and proficient in her work and service. Thoughtful, kind and utterly penetrating in her insights. My reading with Kelly has given me several breakthroughs in understanding and awareness that no other reader had done for me (or maybe I just wasn't ready to receive those illuminating messages then). Thanks to Kelly, I am finally able to commence the process of facing my repressed wounds and slowly strip them of the secret power and hold they've had over me thus far. A mist of hope now graces my inner world that's dominated by fears and heaviness. For I know now, as I learned from Kelly, that there is a way to restore myself to vitality again no mater what I experienced before. Many thanks! Namaste"

"She was accurate and was able to connect well. She was also kind and did not sugarcoat but still delivered info with kindness and humour. Highly recommend! "



"Kelly was very knowledgeable and insightful! She has a great humor about her and her way of providing accurate information from alternative sources and delivering it in a way that is easy to understand and make use of! She has helped me have better clarity on the subject I asked about and how I can move through it with higher perspective! She is a gem for sure!!!"

Relationship Coach

Energy Healer

Grief Worker




Radio Host


The Badass Whisperer

Kelly McClain